How to Do a 360 in Asphalt 9

To do a 360 in Asphalt 9, tap and hold the drift button while initiating a jump.- Asphalt 9 is an exciting racing game that offers thrilling gameplay and stunning graphics. One of the most thrilling moves you can perform in this game is a 360-degree spin.

Whether you want to show off your skills or gain an edge against your opponents, mastering the art of the 360 is essential. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps on how to successfully execute a 360 in Asphalt 9.

By following these simple instructions, you'll be able to perform this impressive maneuver and leave your rivals in awe. So, prepare yourself for high-speed action and let's dive into the world of Asphalt 9.

Mastering The 360 In Asphalt 9

The 360 is a spectacular and challenging move in Asphalt 9 that requires precise execution to impress your opponents. To understand the basic mechanics, it is important to note that the key to a successful 360 is maintaining control and balance throughout the maneuver.

Identifying the ideal locations for 360s is crucial to maximize their impact. Look out for wide open spaces with minimal obstacles to ensure a smooth rotation. Taking note of ramps or slopes can also enhance the experience by adding more flair and height to your 360.

Speed plays a vital role in executing a perfect 360. The faster your vehicle is moving, the smoother the rotation will be. However, it is essential to find the right balance as excessive speed can lead to losing control and ending up facing the wrong direction.

Preparing For A 360 Stunt

How to Do a 360 in Asphalt 9

When aiming to perform a 360 stunt in Asphalt 9, it is crucial to select a car that is well-suited for such maneuvers. Look for vehicles that possess excellent acceleration, handling, and stability. Cars with higher nitro values are also preferable. The Porsche 918 Spyder and Lamborghini Aventador SV are popular choices due to their impressive performance characteristics.

To optimize your car's performance, upgrade its stats accordingly. Prioritize enhancements to acceleration, top speed, nitro, and handling. By doing so, you will gain better control over your vehicle during the 360 stunt, allowing for smoother execution and minimizing the risk of crashing.

Before attempting a 360 stunt, familiarize yourself with the different control options available in Asphalt 9. Touchdrive is an automatic control system that aids in maintaining the car's trajectory, making it easier to perform the stunt. On the other hand, Manual controls provide greater flexibility and precision. Choose the control scheme that feels most comfortable for you.

Touchdrive: This control mode is ideal for beginners or those seeking a more simplified experience. Touchdrive assists in steering, allowing players to focus on timing and executing the 360 stunt properly. However, it may limit certain advanced techniques.

Manual controls: By opting for manual controls, you gain complete control over your vehicle. This allows for precise steering, braking, and acceleration, making it easier to execute precise 360 stunts. However, it requires practice and skill to master manual controls effectively.

Performing a 360 stunt in Asphalt 9 has both advantages and disadvantages. The benefits include earning additional points and rewards, as well as impressing other players. However, there is also an inherent risk of crashing, which can lead to loss of time and progress. It is important to weigh these factors and decide if the potential rewards outweigh the potential risks before attempting a 360 stunt.

Executing The 360 Maneuver

In Asphalt 9, executing a 360 maneuver requires precise timing. One essential aspect is timing your Nitro boost. The boost should be activated right before you start the 360, providing the necessary speed and momentum. It's crucial to master different steering techniques to ensure a smooth execution. Experiment with both the touch and tilt steering options to find your preference. Additionally, anticipate the moves of your opponents during the stunt. Knowing when they might try to overtake or block your path can help you plan your 360 accordingly, maximizing the chances of a successful maneuver. Keep practicing and honing your skills to perfect this thrilling and visually stunning move in Asphalt 9!

How to Do a 360 in Asphalt 9


In-game Tips For Perfect 360s

To perform a perfect 360 in Asphalt 9, there are a few in-game tips that can help you achieve your goal. Utilizing ramps and inclines is one of the key strategies to master. When approaching a ramp or incline, maintain a high speed and position your car at the optimal angle to get maximum airtime. This will give you enough time to execute the complete rotation. Additionally, drift plays a crucial role in initiating a 360. Make sure to enter the drift just before reaching the ramp and release it at the right moment to launch yourself into the spin. Moreover, combining 360s with other tricks and stunts can help you earn more points and activate nitro boosts. Experiment with different combos to discover the most effective ones. By mastering these techniques, you can dominate the Asphalt 9 tracks with your impressive 360 skills.

Advanced Strategies For 360s

Track Type Approach
High-speed corners For 360s in high-speed corners, maintaining momentum is crucial. Approach the corner with sufficient speed and initiate the 360 by releasing the accelerator and tapping the brake. As the car starts to drift, counter-steer while applying gentle throttle to control the angle of the spin. Gradually increase throttle to exit the drift smoothly.
Straight sections 360s in straight sections can be used both defensively and offensively. To execute a defensive 360, position your car slightly in front of your opponent's vehicle, then initiate the spin. This can disrupt their line and provide an opportunity to gain an advantage. For an offensive 360, position your car slightly behind your opponent and initiate the spin to overtake them.

Practice these strategies to master the art of 360s in Asphalt 9 and dominate on every track!

Troubleshooting Common 360 Mistakes

When attempting a 360 in Asphalt 9, it's common to make mistakes that can hinder your performance. Two common mistakes are under-rotation and over-rotation. Under-rotation occurs when the car doesn't complete a full 360-degree rotation, resulting in a lower score. To overcome under-rotation, it's essential to time your drift and release at the right moment, ensuring the car spins completely before landing.

On the other hand, over-rotation happens when the car spins more than necessary, leading to a loss of control and potentially crashing. To recover from a failed 360 attempt, it's crucial to quickly regain control of the car, use nitro to stabilize, and adjust your driving line to continue the race effectively.

Analyzing and learning from your 360 stunts can significantly improve your performance. Pay attention to the angle and timing of your drift, the landing position, and the car's alignment during the rotation. By closely evaluating your attempts, you can identify areas for improvement and refine your technique to achieve higher scores in future races.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Do A 360 In Asphalt 9

How Do You Do A 360 In Asphalt 9?

To perform a 360 in Asphalt 9, swipe left or right on the screen while driving off a ramp or hill. This will make your car spin in the air and complete a 360-degree rotation. Make sure to time your swipe properly to avoid crashing or losing control of your vehicle.

Can You Do A 360 In Asphalt 9 With Any Car?

Yes, you can perform a 360 in Asphalt 9 with any car. The ability to perform a 360 depends on your timing and the specific ramp or hill you are using. Some cars may have better handling and performance, making it easier to execute a smooth 360, but it is possible with any car in the game.

What Is The Purpose Of Doing A 360 In Asphalt 9?

Performing a 360 in Asphalt 9 is not just for show, but it also has strategic advantages. By successfully executing a 360, you can earn extra nitro boosts, which can be crucial in races. It also adds style to your driving skills and can impress other players during multiplayer races.


Mastering the 360 in Asphalt 9 is a thrilling feat that can take your racing skills to new heights. By following these tips and techniques, such as timing your nitro boosts, maximizing your speed, and practicing precision handling, you can easily execute a flawless 360.

So, get behind the wheel, practice these strategies, and embrace the exhilaration of performing jaw-dropping stunts in Asphalt 9! Happy racing!