How Tall is Big Bird from Sesame Street? Get the Feathered Facts!

Big Bird from Sesame Street is approximately 8 feet 2 inches tall. Known as a Muppet bird, Big Bird is a male character in the show and has various nicknames, including Grandsonny and feather face.

He was created in 1969 and remains one of the most iconic characters on Sesame Street. Despite being part of a fictional location, Big Bird has become a beloved figure in popular culture, known for his friendly and curious personality.

With his unique height and distinctive appearance, Big Bird continues to capture the hearts of both children and adults alike.

Background Of Big Bird

Big Bird, the iconic character from Sesame Street, has captivated audiences for decades. With his bright yellow feathers and large stature, he is hard to miss. But just how tall is Big Bird? Many have wondered about the measurements of this beloved character.

Big Bird was introduced to the world in 1969 when Sesame Street first premiered. Created by Jim Henson and built by Kermit Love, Big Bird quickly became one of the show's most popular characters. With his lovable personality and optimistic outlook, Big Bird has been a staple of the show ever since.

Big Bird plays an important role in Sesame Street. He serves as a guide for young viewers, helping them learn important lessons about friendship, sharing, and perseverance. Through his adventures and interactions with other characters, Big Bird teaches valuable life lessons in a fun and engaging way.

While his exact height may be a topic of debate, there is no doubt that Big Bird is a larger-than-life character who continues to bring joy to audiences of all ages.

The Facts About Big Bird's Height

How Tall is Big Bird from Sesame Street

Big Bird, the beloved character from Sesame Street, is known for his impressive height. According to official measurements, Big Bird stands at 8 feet 2 inches (2.49 meters) tall. This makes him taller than most humans and one of the largest bird characters in television history.

When standing next to Big Bird, most humans would barely reach his knee. His towering presence is part of his charm and uniqueness as a character. While his height is not realistic for an actual bird, it adds to the fantasy and imagination of the show.

Measurement Unit Height
Feet and Inches 8 feet 2 inches
Meters 2.49 meters

Big Bird's Species And Gender

Big Bird from Sesame Street is a male Muppet bird. Standing tall at an impressive height, he is a beloved character known for his nicknames, including "feather face" and "Grandsonny. "

Big Bird's Species and Gender
- Grandsonny, a nickname given to him by his Granny Bird
- Bird, by his best friend, Snuffy
- Turkey, feather face, and others, by Oscar the Grouch

- Muppet bird

- Male

- Granny Bird (grandmother)
- Eight foreign cousins
Big Bird, the beloved character from Sesame Street, is a Muppet bird and is confirmed to be male. He has been given various nicknames such as "Grandsonny" by his Granny Bird, "Bird" by his best friend Snuffy, and even "Turkey" and "feather face" by Oscar the Grouch. Big Bird's family includes his grandmother Granny Bird and eight foreign cousins. The character has become an icon on Sesame Street since being created in 1969 by Jim Henson. Unfortunately, Big Bird's exact height is not mentioned in sources, but he is depicted as towering over the other characters. His age is also a topic of interest among fans, with many wondering if he is older than Elmo. With his endearing personality and towering presence, Big Bird continues to captivate audiences of all ages.

Big Bird's Family And Nicknames

Grandsonny (given by his Granny Bird)
Bird (given by his best friend, Snuffy)
Turkey (given by Oscar the Grouch)
Feather face (given by others)

Big Bird is a male Muppet bird from Sesame Street. He is part of a loving family, with his grandmother named Granny Bird. Additionally, Big Bird has eight foreign cousins. His nickname "Grandsonny" is given by Granny Bird, while his best friend Snuffy calls him "Bird". Oscar the Grouch jokingly refers to him as "Turkey", and others often call him "Feather face". Big Bird is a beloved character known for his height and unique appearance.

Fun Facts About Big Bird

Standing tall at an impressive height, Big Bird from Sesame Street is a beloved Muppet bird known for his cheerful personality and distinctive appearance. As one of the show's iconic characters, he has several nicknames and is often referred to as a feather face.

Fun Facts about Big Bird
Big Bird's age and longevity on Sesame Street
Big Bird has been a beloved character on Sesame Street since its inception in 1969, making him one of the longest-standing characters on the show. Despite his youthful appearance, Big Bird is actually much older than he looks. While his exact age is not specified, it is believed that Big Bird has been part of the Sesame Street community for several decades. This longevity has made him a cherished icon for generations of viewers. It is incredible to think that Big Bird has been entertaining and educating children for such a long time.
Comparison of Big Bird's age with other Sesame Street characters
Among the Sesame Street characters, Big Bird is one of the oldest. However, he is not the oldest character on the show. Other classic characters such as Oscar the Grouch and Elmo have been around for just as long, if not longer. It is interesting to see how these timeless characters continue to capture the hearts and imaginations of children and adults alike.
Interesting trivia about Big Bird's name and variations
Big Bird's name has remained consistent throughout his long history, but he has been known by a few nicknames as well. His best friend, Snuffy, affectionately calls him "Bird," while Oscar the Grouch has come up with various not-so-flattering nicknames, including "feather face." These playful variations on his name add an extra layer of fun to Big Bird's character.
How Tall is Big Bird from Sesame Street? Get the Feathered Facts!


Frequently Asked Questions On How Tall Is Big Bird From Sesame Street

How Old Is Big Bird 2023?

Big Bird from Sesame Street is a Muppet bird, male, and part of the original Sesame Street Muppets. His exact age in 2023 is not specified.

How Old Is Big Bird Really?

Big Bird's real age is 53 years old, as he made his first appearance on Sesame Street in 1969.

Is Big Bird Male Or Female?

Big Bird from Sesame Street is a male Muppet bird and is often referred to by various nicknames.

Is Big Bird Older Than Elmo?

No, Big Bird is not older than Elmo.


Big Bird from Sesame Street is a beloved character whose popularity has endured for decades. Standing tall at an impressive height, Big Bird is a male Muppet bird with a loyal fan following. From his nicknames to his species and family, there's so much to discover about this iconic character.

Whether you're curious about his age, gender or even his height in feet, Big Bird's fascinating background and enduring presence on Sesame Street make him a timeless favorite. So next time you watch Sesame Street, marvel at the wonder of Big Bird and appreciate the joy he brings to children and adults alike.