How Many Levels are in Angry Birds 2

There are constantly new levels being added to Angry Birds 2 through updates, so it is difficult to provide an exact number. The most recent update included the addition of the Bad Piggies level with many new levels.

It wouldn't be surprising if more levels were added in the future.

The Latest Updates And Additions

Angry Birds 2 is a game that keeps the excitement going with its continuous updates and new levels. The developers are committed to providing players with fresh gameplay experiences and challenges. Let's take a look at the most recent updates and additions that have been introduced to Angry Birds 2.

Continuous Updates And New Levels

The team behind Angry Birds 2 is constantly working on improving the game and ensuring that players always have something new to look forward to. They regularly release updates that bring fresh content, including exciting new levels. These updates not only enhance the overall gameplay experience but also keep the game relevant and enjoyable for both new and existing players.

The Most Recent Update - Bad Piggies

One of the most notable updates in Angry Birds 2 is the addition of the Bad Piggies levels. These levels bring a whole new dynamic to the game, as players now get to experience the other side of the rivalry. In these levels, players take control of the mischievous pigs as they try to outwit the Angry Birds and protect their eggs. The Bad Piggies update has received positive feedback from players and has added an exciting twist to the gameplay.

Possibility Of New Bird Additions

With the continuous updates in Angry Birds 2, there is always the possibility of new bird additions in the game. These new birds not only bring unique abilities and gameplay mechanics but also add a fresh layer of strategy to the gameplay. The developers are known for introducing new bird characters in their updates, and it wouldn't be surprising to see some new feathered friends joining the Angry Birds flock in the future.

The Mighty Eagle

Angry Birds 2 has a constantly updating number of levels, with the most recent addition being the Bad Piggies levels. The Mighty Eagle, known for his legendary status, is the strongest bird in the game and has a guaranteed one-hit kill.

He towers above other birds in size and power.

Introduction To Mighty Eagle

The Mighty Eagle is an iconic character in the Angry Birds franchise. Although his glory days may be behind him, he remains the strongest bird in the game. With towering height and unparalleled power, he is a force to be reckoned with. In this section, we will explore the mighty capabilities of this legendary bird.

Description Of Mighty Eagle's Strength

Standing tall among the flock, the Mighty Eagle possesses unmatched strength. His immense size and power make him a formidable adversary against the mischievous Bad Piggies. While other birds have their unique abilities, the Mighty Eagle is in a league of his own, capable of destroying obstacles with ease.

Unlike other birds, the Mighty Eagle is not limited to a single attack. His size and strength allow him to clear entire sections of a level, obliterating anything in his path. No piggy fortress can withstand his wrath, and no obstacle can withstand his might.

Mighty Eagle's Guaranteed One-hit Kill

What truly sets the Mighty Eagle apart from the rest is his guaranteed one-hit kill ability. While other birds may require multiple shots to defeat the piggies, the Mighty Eagle strikes with such force that a single attack is all it takes. His devastating power ensures that no enemy stands a chance against him.

When unleashed, the Mighty Eagle swoops down with incredible speed, demolishing everything in his wake. His unstoppable attack leaves no piggy unscathed, providing players with a satisfying victory. With the Mighty Eagle on your side, conquering challenging levels becomes a breeze.

Angry Bird Characters

Angry Birds 2 offers a constantly updated range of levels, with the most recent addition being the Bad Piggies level. The game continues to evolve, so it wouldn't be surprising to see new birds introduced in the future. Mighty Eagle, portrayed as a legendary character, is known as the strongest Angry Bird with a guaranteed one-hit kill ability.

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Overview Of Angry Bird Characters

In Angry Birds 2, there is a diverse range of characters with unique abilities that players can choose from to defeat the pesky pigs and complete levels successfully. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses, making the game both challenging and enjoyable.

Different Abilities Of The Characters

Angry Birds 2 introduces a variety of characters, each with their own special abilities. Understanding these abilities can greatly enhance your gameplay and strategy. Here are some of the notable characters:
  1. Red: The iconic Red bird is a well-rounded character, possessing no specific abilities but excelling in accuracy and damage.
  2. Chuck: Known for his incredible speed, Chuck can dash through structures and hit multiple targets in a single flight.
  3. Bomb: This charismatic black bird is capable of exploding upon contact, causing massive destruction to nearby obstacles.
  4. Matilda: Matilda is a versatile character that can drop explosive eggs or heal nearby birds, providing support in difficult situations.
  5. Blues: The Blues, a trio of small birds, can split into three separate projectiles mid-flight, targeting multiple pigs simultaneously.
  6. Terence: Terence is a powerful character with incredible strength, smashing through hard structures and inflicting massive damage.
  7. Stella: Stella is a pink bird with the ability to blow bubbles, lifting obstacles and pigs into the air for easier destruction.
  8. And many more!: Angry Birds 2 introduces new characters and updates regularly, offering an ever-expanding roster of unique birds.

Importance Of Character Selection In Levels

The selection of characters plays a crucial role in your success in Angry Birds 2 levels. Understanding the strengths and abilities of each character allows you to strategize and tackle different challenges effectively. Some levels may require precise aiming and accurate hits, making Red or Chuck ideal choices. In contrast, levels with heavily fortified structures may require the explosive power of Bomb or Terence. The right character selection can be the key to achieving high scores and obtaining the coveted three-star rating on each level. Experimenting with different combinations of birds and their abilities can also lead to new and innovative strategies. Finding the perfect balance between destructive power and specific abilities can significantly improve your chances of victory. Remember, as the game continues to update, new characters and abilities may be introduced, adding even more options for players to choose from. So, stay tuned and keep exploring the exciting world of Angry Birds 2!
How Many Levels are in Angry Birds 2


Frequently Asked Questions On How Many Levels Are In Angry Birds 2

How Long Does It Take To Complete Angry Birds 2?

Angry Birds 2 does not have a specific completion time as the game keeps updating with new levels. The most recent update is the Bad Piggies one, with many new levels. It is possible that the game will continue to add new levels in the future.

Can You Finish Angry Birds 2?

No, you cannot finish Angry Birds 2 as the game continues to update with new levels. The most recent update added the Bad Piggies levels and there may be more updates in the future. The game is constantly evolving.

How Many Bosses Are In Angry Birds 2?

Angry Birds 2 features multiple bosses, but the number can vary as the game is regularly updated with new levels. The most recent addition is the Bad Piggies boss. It is also possible for new bosses or characters to be added in the future.

Mighty Eagle, while not a boss, is considered the strongest Angry Bird in the franchise.

Who Is The Strongest Angry Bird In Angry Birds 2?

The strongest Angry Bird in Angry Birds 2 is Mighty Eagle. He has a guaranteed one-hit kill in any game level.


With continuous updates, Angry Birds 2 keeps adding more levels to keep players engaged. The latest update, Bad Piggies, brings a host of new exciting challenges. It won't be a surprise if the game further introduces new birds to spice up the gameplay.

In addition, Mighty Eagle stands out as the most powerful Angry Bird, towering above others and possessing the skill for a guaranteed one-hit kill. Embark on this thrilling gaming journey and explore the ever-expanding world of Angry Birds 2!